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Western Washington Waterfront Solutions

Few things are as relaxing as being out on the water. Taking an afternoon lunch at the pier, or enjoying a fishing excursion from the docks is an American tradition. Docks, piers, and bulkheads all wear out eventually, and sometimes they need to be repaired or resurfaced for the safety of the water lovers who use them. With Integrated NW Construction, Western Washington lakesides can receive the care they need so that residents and businesses can continue to have fun on the water.

Pier and Dock Construction and Rehabilitation

Piers and docks play a key role in providing a resting place for boats, and ships, as well as a place for on-the-water commerce. Our team offers a variety of high quality building materials for dock and pier construction (including timber and marine grade welded aluminum), and our team has the experience to repair, and resurface even the most damaged structures.

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Bulkhead Construction and Repair

Bulkheads are necessary for any property that borders a body of water. The seawall installations provided by Integrated NW Construction serve to prevent strong waves and currents from eroding the waterline. Because they need to withstand harsh conditions, retaining walls need to be constructed using proper techniques, and with high quality materials. With Integrated NW Construction, Western Washington businesses and residents have a company that is able to provide a long lasting bulkhead at a reasonable price.

Top Quality Docks, Piers, and Bulkheads

In a niche industry such as dock and bulkhead construction and maintenance, there can be a strong temptation to just complete a project on your own. That is fine with most home DIYs but when it comes to water based projects, there are numerous hazards to consider. At Integrated NW Construction, we have the experience, and knowledge of bylaws and regional codes to provide the best quality service possible to each customer.

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